The Plan

We had a few different options when planning our travels.  Cruise, tour group, or go on our own.  Cruises are awesome but it didn’t get us far enough inland to see all we wanted to see,  plus you have limited time before you have to be back on the ship. Tour groups are wonderful because you just pay for it and go, someone else does all the planning and organizing and you don’t have to think or worry about anything. However, we’d be stuck with a group and didn’t really want to do that for our honeymoon.  So we decided to book and plan the trip on our own.  We could have used some of those sites that allow you to register for a honeymoon and your guests pick what parts or adventures they want to donate towards, but those sites charge a lot more for the excursions and events than if you book on your own and they take a percentage.  I didn’t want part of our gift from our loved ones going towards fees so we chose a simple poem on or invites asking for donations toward the honeymoon.

Now comes the fun part.  We chose Rome as our hub, with day trips to Florence, Pisa and Naples.  That covers the first week.  For the second week we are spending 2 days in a different city, starting with flying from Rome to Prague.  The flight was only $50 per person and it is 1 hour vs. traveling all day on a train.  Then we’ll take a 4 hour charter bus ride (the quickest way believe it or not) from Prague to Munich.  A quick flight from Munich to Venice. A train from Venice to Milan and then Milan back down to Rome to fly home.  It’s a lot to fit into 16 days but since it’s just the 2 of us and we plan on organizing the tops sites we want to see in each place we feel it will be a successful and exciting adventure.


The Beginning

It started with phone call in 2004 from my cousin asking if I wanted to go on a trip to Europe with her.  I was 19 and had no way of knowing that saying yes to that first adventure would change my life in the most amazing way.

One bite from the travel bug and I was hooked.  I’ve been on quite a few amazing trips since and have been blessed to be able to share my wanderlust with the love of my life.  I’m starting this blog because I’m now planning our honeymoon to Italy and wanted to document our preparation and all that we experience on this new adventure together.

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”-Susan Sontag