I found breastfeeding to be far from easy. There were multiple appointments with lactation consultants and tears from both me and my little one. In the end, we figured it out and thankfully I never have had the added stress of being uncomfortable with feeding her in public thanks to these amazing covers from Milk Snob.

If you haven’t already heard of them, Milk Snob makes multifunctional nursing covers out of Dallas, TX from the softest rayon blend I have ever felt. The fabric is very lightweight and breathable so both baby and mom are very comfortable while nursing. I love that it gives you complete 360 coverage so you feel secure nursing anywhere you go. The last thing you need while nursing is the added stress of finding a private place to do it. With Milk Snob’s covers, I am completely comfortable nursing at restaurants, parties or on a bench at Disneyland. I don’t feel like I have to hide myself away from company or festivities to nurse my baby.

In addition to being a nursing cover, it functions as an infant car seat cover. By fitting tight over any infant car seat, it helps to protect your little one from the elements as well as unwanted attention while still giving you access to sneak a peek without waking them up. It also works as a high chair cover, shopping cart cover, infant swing cover and can be used as a blanket to snuggle. No matter where I go, or what I encounter, I worry way less about my baby coming into contact with germs because I can just throw this over the seats. Oh, and the designs, can I just say thank you for creating fashionable fun covers! No matter what your style might be, Milk Snob has something for you. They have so many options to choose; from stripes and plaids, to florals and patterns these designs will not disappoint. They even have a Disney line, which of course, I’m so in love with.

The covers are sold at Target and on Amazon but you should check out their entire line at milksnob.com. They are priced at $36 which I feel is a steal for the quality and versatility you receive. They wash up really easy and the fabric doesn’t fade and pill like some other covers I’ve encountered, so the patterns continue to look bright and sharp. They are well worth the investment in my mind considering how often I use them and how they will grow with my little one. I greatly encourage you to give one a try especially if you find yourself uncomfortable nursing out in public. Nothing should stand in the way of nursing your child and these covers gave me the comfort and confidence to nurse wherever I am.


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